So happy to be a part of the @pleasantpops Team celebrating our 2nd bday today! Looking a lil washed out but super merry with @bsykora . Today was a great success. #bday #paletas #coffee #bestofdc

What was the root of that happiness?//is it the freedom of non-attachment?//what is the state of the mind when living with only the essentials?//the minimalist way frees the mind//emotions rise and fall, lingering only for the awareness then passing on//a mindfulness and clarity of the emotional and spiritual self is gained//it is important to revisit this state of mind no matter how busy we become
/Mountaintop reflections in solitude, or selfie #3, meanderings of the modern mind/

to the west // to the west I dream of an unexplored wilderness // an imagination fed well holds the dream of virgin lands near // In silence I close my eyes // the breeze a blanket on my skin // the sun a charge for my heart // memories arise and fade // grand insights flow like the creeks I have crossed // I am here//I am here

No matter the path, as long as you’re on it ///Choose your own adventure Fridays ///

By far the hottest thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. Carolina reaper on the left, bhut jolokia on the right. #carolinareaper #ghostpepper #bhutjolokia #hot #pepper #edcurrie #puckerbutt #hottest #pepper #intheworld

Les Sins “Bother”

CHAZ killin is as uje

new album comin soon

Cheers to a long and happy life together #alexalex2014 glad to be a part of it.

A perfect night, a perfect couple, a perfect location. #alexalex2014 #massachusetts

Lobster and the Beatles. A New England clam bake wedding of epic proportions. Much love to the happily betrothed !!! #alexalex2014 #meowandforever

A place of true magic, deep memories are tied to this piece of land // Walker in a moment of pensive nostalgia

Inigo, on his way out to a sunset surf in Nicaragua. #latergram

A Nica cowboy riding off into the pacific sunset ||| about to board final flight back home

Goodbye Nicaragua, hello Florida. |||| thunderstorm just outside of Miami on the flight back yielding a beautiful rainbow

The wave machine at high tide. Perfect lefts. Rocks. “Meat grinders” for a reason. I went deep and ate shit over the rocks, urchins all in my hand, bloody leg, super smashed lower back…

Been like this every day except for 2 days. Long period pacific swells, head-overhead sets, offshore winds, some days never seeing another person. Paradise? With @flappiest_jack @tzellir and @mas_olas