"The mountain teaches our insignificance, as well as our agency… In this search, with this accumulated knowledge, there are times when the borders blur between landscape and self, between human and mountain, when the integration of self and place feels seamless. And that is when the mountains truly become home." - Anton Krupicka I heard these words on a trail runner nation podcast as I headed to monongahela national forest in West Virginia. Anton has been my inspiration in trail running for a few years and it was incredibly apropos to be receiving these words while driving through the ancient Appalachians prior to testing myself in them. //// this photo is from the start of my trip coming off the high alpine meadow into a small forest. Thanks for the inspiration @antonkrupicka

Sphagnum moss/cranberry/blueberry/huckleberry fields in the high meadows of the Dolly Sods north wilderness, before the serious rain started. The front was being forced rapidly upward as it hit the Allegheny front and the cloud formations were fast-moving and beautiful. In just a few miles I went from high meadow to Appalachian mountain cove, to hemlock and red spruce stands and back into sub-arctic tundra and Heath barrens. The diversity of terrain, flora, and fauna lends to the dynamic and inspiring beauty of this West Virginia treasure!

Coyotes, fall, mountains, alpine meadows, and waterfalls. Hard to believe it was only two days. Experimenting with long exposures - a Waterfall of uncommon significance to my life over 30 seconds in a natural Appalachian cove. Dolly sods south, West Virginia.

Just showing these dudes and dudettes how amazing their gear is. Rainy and a high of 50 degrees yesterday, rockin @boreasgear buttermilks 40l and @outlier climbers to carry me there and back in the Dolly Sods Wilderness in West Virginia. Autumn color is at peak on the allegheny plateau! #outlierinthewild #boreasgear

It’s peak fall in the dolly sods. The mist rising out of the valleys on this rainy Friday was surreal! So thankful to have tested myself solo this week

Bhut jolokia on the left and carolina reaper on the right. From the first harvest in our backyard garden plot in Washington, D.C. These peppers pack so much punch it is unreal. #carolinareaper #bhutjolokia #hotpepper #hottestpepper #peppertrip #ghostpepper

So happy to be a part of the @pleasantpops Team celebrating our 2nd bday today! Looking a lil washed out but super merry with @bsykora . Today was a great success. #bday #paletas #coffee #bestofdc

What was the root of that happiness?//is it the freedom of non-attachment?//what is the state of the mind when living with only the essentials?//the minimalist way frees the mind//emotions rise and fall, lingering only for the awareness then passing on//a mindfulness and clarity of the emotional and spiritual self is gained//it is important to revisit this state of mind no matter how busy we become
/Mountaintop reflections in solitude, or selfie #3, meanderings of the modern mind/

to the west // to the west I dream of an unexplored wilderness // an imagination fed well holds the dream of virgin lands near // In silence I close my eyes // the breeze a blanket on my skin // the sun a charge for my heart // memories arise and fade // grand insights flow like the creeks I have crossed // I am here//I am here

No matter the path, as long as you’re on it ///Choose your own adventure Fridays ///

By far the hottest thing I’ve ever tasted in my life. Carolina reaper on the left, bhut jolokia on the right. #carolinareaper #ghostpepper #bhutjolokia #hot #pepper #edcurrie #puckerbutt #hottest #pepper #intheworld

Les Sins “Bother”

CHAZ killin is as uje

new album comin soon

Cheers to a long and happy life together #alexalex2014 glad to be a part of it.

A perfect night, a perfect couple, a perfect location. #alexalex2014 #massachusetts

Lobster and the Beatles. A New England clam bake wedding of epic proportions. Much love to the happily betrothed !!! #alexalex2014 #meowandforever